Selected Credits


I iNiD / Ulaz u slucaju opasnosti / Menart © 2023 /  (Performer-Composer-Producer), CD Album, 2023

I She Arrived Like Art / Biographical Documentary / Mamma Lion Productions (Composer), Dir. Salvatore Assenza, 2023

I Riders / Spring Dreaming / Feature Film (music producer), Dir. Dominik Mencej, 2022

I The Last Cow in The Village / Documentary, Produced by Al Jazeera, Leila Dedic, Dir. Kenan Kulenovic, 2021

        I The Change We Seek / Documentary short, produced by Magacin Kabare, Zana Marjanovic, dir. Emir Kapetanovic, 2019

I ReGeneration / Documentary, produced by Magacin Kabare, Zana Marjanovic, dir. Emir Kapetanovic, 2018

I Men Don’t Cry / Muškarci ne plaču – Feature Film, Deblokada, Alen Drljević, 2017

I Bosanski Hoffenheim – Documentary, Al Jazzera Balkans, Jasenko Korjenic, 2017

I Metropolis / A Time Lapse Doc. film, Al Jazeera, Richard Bentley, 2015

I In the Land of Blood & Honey –Feature film, GK Films, dir. Angelina Jolie, 2011

I Go-Bama Between Hope & Dreams –Documentary, Satti & Satti, dir. A. Rahman Satti, 2010

I Counteriet Medicine – Documentary for BBC (composer) dir. R.Wright, 2010

I Room in Rome – feature film (performer,arranger,additional production) dir. Julio Medem, 2009

I Bronhi – TV ad (composition/production) Nora PG, agency Pepermint, dir. Alesh Verbic, 2009

I The Nativity Decoded – R.Beckford Feat.Doc. for Channel 4 / Carbon, dir. M.Christie, 2008

I Patria Mia, nomad direction –Documentary., B&H/UK dir. Duska Zagorac 2008

I “48” Greenland – Documentary, Aljazeera, prod. Daniel Davies, dir. Amanda Palmer 2008

I Inside Hamas – Documentary for Channel 4, Stampede, dir. Rodrigo Vasquez, 2008

I Bigga Than Ben– feature film (original songs), Bigga Than Ben, dir. Suzie Halewood, 2008

I Infinite Justice – feature film (original songs), Dehlavi films, Jamil Dehlavi, 2007

I ICRC – Displaced woman – Documantary, Insight News TV production, 2007

I Breaking and Entering – feature film (original songs) Mirage, dir. Anthony Minghella, 2007

I Turnit up or Turnit loose / James Brown– remix, Couch Records 2007

I Surviving Sudan (Living With Refugees) Documentary, Channel 4/Discovery/CBS/CNN, Insight News TV production, dir. Simon Atkins, 2006

I CNN, Bridgestone, Hilton, Malta – commercials, TV add. 2006

I Well Tempered Corpses – feature film, Maj/Sintra/ASAP, dir. Benjamin Filipovic, 2005

I Where Sheep May Safely Graze – short, Moving Movies prod., dir. Zlatko Ivanisevic, 2004

I Soul Train – an award winning short film, Tangent Loop production, dir. R. Thompson, 2004

I Pagans of the Roman Empire – Doc. for CHANNEL 4 / Hart Ryan, dir. R.Wright, 2004

I London Enviromental Knights – Musical – Theatre, dir.Vesna Marich, 2003

I dZihan and Kamien.” – Drophere”- remix for a single, Gran Riserva, Couch Records 2003

I My Father Eduardo – Short film, dir. Milan Babic, N.F.S.U.K., 2002

I Sitting Ducks – Feature film, dir. Gerald Fox, Synergy Productions London, 2002

I Beatmania – Interactive video game, KONAMI Corporation Japan, 2001

I Big Nazo – Musical / Theatre, European Tour 2000, Fools Paradise Production, 2000

I Sainsbury – TV advert, ghostwriter, Water Music Production, 1998

I CD “B.Choyek”- Goodness of Intent EP, Natural Born Composers Productions, 1998

I Welcome to Sarajevo – feature film (original song), dir. M. Winterbottom, EMI, 1997

I During the war time in Bosnia & Herzegovina he was involved in hundreds of charity events closely working with the WAR CHILD, SERIOUS ROAD TRIP & SGI UK, 1992-1996

I Bop for Bosnia – Charity Concert ; Chris Jagger, David Gilmour, Dave Stewart, BBC 1993

I Surrealist Top List / Top Lista Nadrealista – Episodes 1- 9 , TV SARAJEVO, 1987 – 1990

I Zabranjeno Pusenje – , Jugoton, Diskoton , 1984 – 1990



I Fishtales 2008 I Breaking and Entering 2007 I Waiting for Dublin 2007 I London to Brighton 2006 I Karaula – The Border Post 2006 I Hard Corps 2006 I The Detonator 2006 I Incubus 2006 I Deliyurek 2002 I Prime Suspect (TV film) 2003 I Beautiful People 2000 I Sword of Honour 2000 I Dangerfield (TV drama) 1999 I Shot Through the Heart 1998 I The Peacemaker 1997 I Lucky Break 2001 I Byzantinum 2000I As if (TV serial) 2000I Gabriel & Me 2000


I Disney TV shows I Poker Stars ad’s I Breaking and Entering I Sex Trafic (TV film) I Prime Suspect I Beautiful PeopleI Sword of Honour I Chechen Partisans TV Doc. I Dangerfield (TV drama)